SysTune 1.3 - Professional Audio Measurement

Live Sound Measurements In Real Time!

Based on AFMG's patented RTD algorithm SysTune is the only audio measurement software capable of measuring and processing full-length impulse responses in real time. Since the impulse response contains all data describing the system's and the room's acoustical behavior, a full-length impulse response is immanent for reliable measurements providing valid data.

Next to the sole quality of the measurements performed SysTune offers a large set of unique features to make a technician's life easy and speed up the work. All assets taken together, SysTune can surely be called the most progressive and professional audio measurement tool available.

  • Patented RTD algorithm for real time measurement of full-length impulse responses
  • Virtual EQ to simulate effects of tuning without the need for ongoing measurements or influencing the live signal
  • Unique Delay Analysis module for fast and precise optimization of loudspeaker delay times
  • Universal Web Interface for remote control of measurements from smartphones and tablets
  • Integration with DSPs, controllers and other hardware like Lake Controllers and many others
  • Unmatched noise immunity thanks to the patent-pending SSA filter
  • Numerous further functions for better windowing and higher bass resolution

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SysTune´s unique WebInterface allows remote control from almost any modern smartphone, tab or the like using your browser.

AFMG is a registered trademark of AFMG Technologies GmbH.
SysTune is protected by the German patent 10 2007 031 677 and by the US patent 8,208,647. Further patents are pending.