SysTune News

SysTune 1.3 goes Beta – Integration with Lake Controller 6

The first Beta of SysTune 1.3 provides seamless integration with the Lab.gruppen Lake Controller v6.

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SysTune Patents Real Time Technology

Patents in the US and Germany have been granted to AFMG for their Real Time Deconvolution technology. No other audio measurement software is able to deliver full-length impulse responses and other measurement data derived from them in real time.

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AFMG and Renkus-Heinz Restructure Strategic Partnership

For more than 20 years Renkus-Heinz has been AFMG´s main international distributor. Now AFMG will continue sales and support directly while the two companies continue their good, long-standing relationship in the areas of development and technical solutions.

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Sound System Optimization and Measurement Seminars

For all technicians and engineers who have been looking for compact, comprehensive courses on sound system optimization and measurement in English language AFMG now proudly announces the autumn 2012 SysTune seminar schedule.

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SysTune measurement integration soon available for Lake Controller

“Having the measurements from SysTune as an integration into Lake Contoller will give the users even more flexibility and freedom of choice in order to achieve the ultimate system tuning solution,” said Martin Andersson, Product Manager – Touring, for Lab.gruppen and Lake.

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