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AFMG at ICA 2010 in Sydney

2010-08-04 14:32

AFMG Shows Latest Acoustic Tools at ICA 2010 in Sydney

Berlin, Germany, August 2010. AFMG, developer of industry leading electro-acoustics measurement and analysis products EASE, EASERA, SysTune, AUBION and more, will be exhibiting at the 20th International Congress on Acoustics in Sydney, Australia, on 23-27 August on booth #17. AFMG's activities at ICA are supported by Renkus-Heinz, worldwide distributor of various AFMG products.

AFMG (Ahnert Feistel Media Group) will show its growing range of software and hardware tools for audio and acoustics professionals in the fields of architectural acoustics, installed sound and live sound. Peter Patrick, head of acoustic consultants Scientific Acoustics, will be on hand to demonstrate and answer questions.

On show will be the EASE 4.3 AURA module, with a special focus on the new AURA-Remote calculation service, and the EASERA room acoustic measurement software.

Also designed for acousticians and consultants, AFMG Reflex software models the scattering properties of diffusors and other surface structures, while AFMG SoundFlow simulates the acoustic absorption and transmission properties of multi-layer walls.

Aiding accuracy in acquiring these measurements is the new AUBION X.8 professional 8-channel measurement interface and soundcard, AFMG’s latest hardware product on display at ICA 2010.

For acousticians as well as for live sound engineers, AFMG’s SysTune measurement software, now in version 1.1, represents a remarkable – if not incredible – step forward in its ability to take accurate acoustical measurements in real time even when an audience is present.

SysTune 1.1 eliminates the need to perform acoustic measurements and system tuning in an empty room or stadium before the crowd arrives and then hoping the crowd’s effect on performance has been correctly factored in. The software acquires room acoustic impulse response data using live program material and simultaneously displays time-domain and frequency-domain measures in real time, and automatically produces accurate, repeatable measurements every time.

AFMG’s policy is to support its software customers with regular updates, mostly free of charge, and has just announced a US$200 discount offer for owners of MLSSA, TEF and Smaart wishing to upgrade to EASERA or SysTune.

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