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AFMG Strengthens Sales and Support in EMEA & India

2011-10-28 14:40

Sales & support experts traveled from Australia, China, the USA, Brazil and Europe to attend AFMG’s bi-annual partner meeting in Berlin on September 8 - 10
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Berlin, Germany, October 2011...  AFMG has made significant changes to distribution and support of its well-known software products for audio measurement and room-acoustical simulation.

The company will sell its software, including EASE, EASERA and SysTune, direct to customers in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and India as of September. “Many of these markets are growing rapidly in both size and technical sophistication,” said AFMG’s Stefan Feistel. “With direct distribution, we can offer end users better access to both software and technical support.”

AFMG already distributes its other software products directly worldwide. These include: EASE Evac, the design program for audio professionals planning mass notification and emergency systems; AFMG SoundFlow, which simulates absorption and transmission loss in multi-layered wall structures; AFMG Reflex, the scattering and diffusion simulator; and the free products EASE Address, for the design of distributed loudspeaker systems, and EASE Focus, the popular line array aiming and modeling program. For these products, the sales and support networks remain with AFMG.

AFMG announced these changes to its international partners from all over the world who had gathered in Berlin for the company’s bi-annual Partner Meeting. The occasion also marked AFMG’s 30th anniversary. “When we started to simulate room acoustics in 1981,” said Professor Wolfgang Ahnert, “we could not foresee what an amazing success story EASE would become. Over the last three decades, the power of digital technology has surpassed all our expectations, and so has industry acceptance of EASE and of our other products.”

To establish a better footing, local support and training AFMG will focus its work and attention on regional companies and professionals in the future. Partners will be connected more closely to the company and work hand in hand with AFMG. Sales can be conducted both quickly and easily through AFMG´s international Online Store or through a local partner, just as the customer desires. “Our friends at Renkus-Heinz have done a great job with the international distribution of AFMG software for more than two decades,” emphasizes Stefan Feistel, “now that AFMG is growing and the community of our customers expands, it is time to take more responsibility ourselves. We will be strengthening our international connections in the coming months and building new ones. Renkus-Heinz will remain one of our major partners.”

Main Distribution and Support Structure

For the region of Europe, the Middle East, Africa as well as India, AFMG will offer sales and support for all their products directly from the Berlin headquarters:

EMEA Sales & Support
+49 / 30 / 467 092 – 30
GMT+1 office hours

Customers from the Americas and the Pacific Rim can purchase software and receive support both from Renkus-Heinz and from AFMG´s own US-based staff:

Renkus-Heinz US Sales & Support
+1 / 949 / 588 9997 +1 / 855 / 411 – AFMG
GMT-8 office hours (west coast) GMT-6 office hours (central time)
German software manufacturer AFMG, renowned for professional solutions simulating room acoustics, just released the first commercial software able to model the reflection, diffusion, and scattering of a sound wave by a defined geometrical structure. AFMG Reflex is available in two versions: the basic version aims at advanced home studio designs, home theater installations and other semi-professional applications. Reflex Standard offers unlimited features for acoustic consultants, architects, and sophisticated users of EASE.

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