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First Pro-Audio and Acoustical Measurement System based on Ethernet

2011-12-15 13:40

AFMG and DSPECIALISTS have released the AUBION X.8, an 8-input high-end measurement device.
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Berlin, Germany, December 2011: After an intense development period, German companies AFMG and DSPECIALISTS have released the AUBION X.8, an 8-input high-end measurement device utilizing standard Ethernet as the means of connection. The X.8 was purpose-designed for highly accurate and stable performance with professional audio measurement systems such as AFMG’s EASERA and SysTune. A sophisticated hardware/driver combination and a brilliantly simple user interface help avoid network hassle and tedious tuning.

“What sound technician or system integrator has not dreamt of a simple multi-channel measurement interface he could use for tuning his systems?” asks Stefan Feistel, Manager of AFMG. “Maybe even one connected by Ethernet to avoid the limitations of USB and FireWire and to be able to transfer calibrated data smoothly in and out of SysTune, either on a PC or within Parallels on the Mac? – In collaboration with DSPECIALISTS, we have now been able to accomplish exactly that!” Feistel rejoices.

“Our main focus was on designing an easy-to-use system for high-precision acoustic measurements.” adds Dr. Jochen Cronemeyer, Managing Director of DSPECIALISTS. “As a result we created the very user-friendly AUBION X.8 suitable for multiple fields of application like room-acoustic measurements, designing and testing loudspeakers or commissioning sound systems.”

The AUBION X.8 is a high-quality, fully ASIO compatible audio measurement interface with 8 inputs and 2 outputs that can be used in a standard Ethernet environment. The X.8 even comes with a built-in 2-port Ethernet switch allowing users to simply insert it into an existing network connection. AUBION X.8 devices are auto-detected by the driver and can be plugged in and out of the network without losing their configuration or assignment to a PC. When designing the AUBION hardware, DSPECIALISTS have used only state-of-the-art components giving a truly high-end audio performance with a dynamic range of 110dB (unweighted) on inputs and outputs with an astonishing signal-to-noise ratio (THD+N) of below 0,001%.

Seamless Measurement Integration with AFMG SysTune and EASERA

The AUBION X.8 integrates itself into Windows XP, Vista, and 7 as a standard ASIO multi-client audio device which can be addressed by any ASIO compatible software running on the system. Used in conjunction with one of AFMG´s measurement programs SysTune or EASERA, the X.8 has a major advantage over other audio interfaces: Any gain adjustments made in the GUI or directly on the device are transferred to the software thus maintaining any calibrations made. This is a priceless feature especially when performing calibrated measurements in live sound situations. (Remark May 2013: Gain adjustment integration with EASERA will be available with EASERA Version 1.3 expected for fall 2013.)

The rugged 1RU half rack-space design makes the X.8 the ideal traveling companion for any engineer or technician frequently installing and tuning large loudspeaker systems, including line arrays, using a number of microphones simultaneously. It is also ideal for complex measurements of room acoustics at multiple locations. Together with EASERA or SysTune the AUBION X.8 creates a unique full-function hardware and software solution for audio and systems engineers to achieve precision live sound system tuning and monitoring.

Prices and Distribution

The AUBION X.8 is now available worldwide directly through DSPECIALISTS. The announced retail price is 1,400 EUR / approx. 1,950 USD. A limited number of devices will be selling at an introductory price of 1,100 EUR / 1,500 USD. To purchase the AUBION X.8 together with EASERA or SysTune, please contact AFMG.

More details on the X.8 can be found at

Technical Specifications

Dynamic range AD:    110 dB RMS unweighted
THD+N AD:    < 0.001%
Crosstalk attenuation AD:    > 110 dB
Dynamic range DA:    110 dB RMS unweighted
THD+N DA:    < 0.001%
Cross-talk attenuation DA:    > 110 dB
Input level Line @ 0 dBFS (Clip):    +21 dBu, +12 dBu, +6 dBu, +3 dBu
Input level Mic @ 0dBFS (Clip):    +9 dBu, -1 dBu, -2 dBu...-56 dBu
Output level Line @ 0dBFS (Clip):    +21 dBu, +12 dBu, +6 dBu, +3 dBu
Sample frequency internal:    44.1 kHz, 48 kHz (32 kHz, 96 kHz, 192 kHz optional)
Clock synchronization:    Internal master, external via S/PDIF in
S/PDIF input data sample frequency:    28 kHz – 200 kHz
Frequency response AD/DA, -0,1 dB:    20 Hz - 20 kHz @ fs = 48 kHz
Power Supply:    DC-Plug 17..27 V DC / 20 W max., supplied by external mains power supply (Euro, UK and US jacks available)
Device control and display:    Gain control and display for all analog channels; level display per channel (signal/clip); mute for outputs; status 48V phantom power for Mic-Ins
PC Driver support:    Windows XP/Vista/7, ASIO 2.0 Multiclient
Housing:    218 mm x 44 mm x 160 mm, 1.8 kg

German software manufacturer AFMG, renowned for professional solutions simulating room acoustics, just released the first commercial software able to model the reflection, diffusion, and scattering of a sound wave by a defined geometrical structure. AFMG Reflex is available in two versions: the basic version aims at advanced home studio designs, home theater installations and other semi-professional applications. Reflex Standard offers unlimited features for acoustic consultants, architects, and sophisticated users of EASE.

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