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Live Sound International about SysTune

2009-06-29 21:13

Live Sound International has recently published an introductory article about EASERA SysTune written by Charlie Hughes.

Loudspeaker Measurements using EASERA SysTune

tl_files/afmg/images/news/CHSmall.JPG AFMG is thankful for the support given by its power user Charlie Hughes. He has been in the professional audio industry for over 20 years, having worked at Peavey Electronics and Altec Lansing. Charlie holds a Physics degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology and currently runs Excelsior Audio Design & Services; a consultation, design and measurement services company based near Charlotte, NC.

Charlie Hughes has already written numerous papers about using AFMG's software products. Among them are:

Also, AFMG and Charlie Hughes collaborated on the AES paper Simulating the Directivity Behavior of Loudspeakers with Crossover Filters. See Excelsior Audio for more.

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