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New live sound and measurement seminars in the US

2009-08-18 20:57

This fall, AFMG's distributor Renkus-Heinz and instructors Doug Fowler and Bruce Olson will be running a series of SysTune measurement workshops in the US. These two-day entry-level classes will provide an introduction into real-time measurements in live sound applications using EASERA SysTune.

The first class will be held in St. Louis, MO, on September 22nd/23rd.

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DF AFMG and Renkus-Heinz are glad to have won live sound guru Doug Fowler as aninstructor. Doug has been involved in measurement and alignment of portable systems since 1997. He has conducted dual channel FFT analyzer training numerous times over the last decade and is recognized internationally as an expert in concert sound reinforcement. Career highlights include numerous touring, large festival, and live DVD shoot credits as well as being published in trade magazines, and working in consulting capacities for several manufacturers. He is currently Director of Audio Engineering Services for Logic Systems Sound and Lighting, Inc. located in St. Louis, Missouri.


Most recently Live Sound International published a SysTune case study by Doug Fowler:

Tuning a System Utilizing EASERA SysTune

AFMG and Renkus-Heinz also announce another two-day EASERA and SysTune measurement workshop in Lawrence, KS, on October 16th/17th. Instructors include Bob Coffeen, Jim Mobley and Bruce Olson as well as Stefan Feistel.


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