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SysTune T-Shirts now Available for Purchase

2014-04-01 14:24

SysTune T-Shirts are now available for purchase.

After many inquiries from all continents (excluding Antarctica), we have decided to make the popular "I'm a SysTuner" t-shirt available for purchase through our Online Store.

The t-shirt was first introduced with the release of SysTune 1.2 in spring 2012. AFMG sent over 300 shirts to SysTuners around the globe with the Facebook lottery held in conjunction with the launch. Additional "trade a shirt" games were held at the fair appearances AFMG has made since then - all of them with great success.

Of course, only a few SysTuners actually have the possibility to meet us at a tradeshow. Understanding the grief and sorrow expressed in many emails, we are now offering the shirts for purchase through our Online Store.

Purchase SysTuner T-Shirts here...

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