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SysTune version 1.1 and SysTune Pro released

2009-09-25 19:21


On September 25th we released the first major update for SysTune with the following new features:

  • DSP plug-in interface, supported by major manufacturers such as Renkus-Heinz, Electro-Voice, Linea Research, Tannoy, Turbosound, Outline, FZ Audio, Salzbrenner Stagetec, Harvey Audio and others
  • Virtual Equalizer for simulating the effect of a parametric EQ on any measurement, available in real-time and off-line for stored measurements
  • Spectrally Selective Accumulation - SSA™ noise rejection filter for better results when using speech or music signals
  • Support for national health regulations regarding exposure of human hearing system to SPL, LEQ and peak levels
  • Group delay display
  • Extended graph and formatting options
  • Synchronisation function for frequency and time axis in dual graphs
  • Much more...

The free upgrade is directly available through the AFMG Download Portal.

Along with the software update we have introduced the Pro version of SysTune. It adds:

  • STI according to IEC 60268-16 (R 2003)
  • Impedance measurements
  • Simple harmonics displays
  • Noise criteria RC, PNC, NR
  • Expanded functions for Virtual EQ
  • Capability to include reference and compensation curves
  • Channel mapping for using any selection and order of input channels of a soundcard
  • Playback analysis of previously recorded raw data, infinitely repeatable measurements for optimizing results in difficult environments
  • Modification of graph and curve properties
  • Much more...

Please contact your distributor for upgrade options.

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