SysTune - Features

SysTune is the proven real-time audio analysis software by AFMG. It was developed especially for live sound applications and for years has been setting the standard for professional real-time measurement and display of impulse responses, transfer functions and other data. Today, SysTune is widely accepted not only in pro-audio live sound but also by installed sound professionals as well as in the industry.

AFMG has invested a great amount of time and effort into research and development of new approaches to audio analysis and highest-class algorithms, with the result of several patents granted for SysTune alone. Since SysTune performs these calculations with any measurement signal, even live audio, sophisticated data becomes available for situations which have been limited to investigation before: rooms with live shows and present audiences.

Due to its eight channels, SysTune additionally can perform multiple simultaneous measurements for example at different locations, providing high-quality data in abundance.

Feature Overview

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tl_files/afmg/base/img/icons/cart16.png 8 channels with sampling rates from 8 kHz - 192 kHz
Rapid real-time measurements in both time and frequency domain
"Real-Time Deconvolution RTD" (patented)
Measurements with live sound signals, pink noise, sweeps or user defined signals with adjustable gain
tl_files/afmg/base/img/icons/cart16.png Integrated, specialized signal generator
Impulse responses, phase responses, transfer functions, group delay
tl_files/afmg/base/img/icons/cart16.png SPL, LEQ and NC, histograms
tl_files/afmg/base/img/icons/cart16.png Averaging of measurements
tl_files/afmg/base/img/icons/cart16.png Calibrate to sound pressure level, voltage or current, allowing for impedance measurements
Real-time calculation of RT and STI (IEC 60268-16, R2003)
Extremely enhanced signal-to-noise ratio by the unique "SSA-Filter" (patented)
tl_files/afmg/base/img/icons/cart16.png Helpful permanent display of coherence and IR stability
Singular "Time-Frequency-Constant TFC" window (patented)
Accurate, configurable real-time spectrogram
Logging of SPL, LEQ etc. according to user-selectable international regulations
tl_files/afmg/base/img/icons/cart16.png Matchless "Web-Interface" for smartphones & tablets
Simulation of EQ settings with "Virtual EQ"
tl_files/afmg/base/img/icons/cart16.png Novel "Delay-Analysis" for quick, well-founded determination of system delay times
tl_files/afmg/base/img/icons/cart16.png Differential display of transfer functions and impulse responses
Open plug-in API for control of third-party DSPs, audio networks etc. from within SysTune
tl_files/afmg/base/img/icons/cart16.png Integration with Lab.gruppen Lake Controller software
tl_files/afmg/base/img/icons/cart16.png Import/Export Virtual EQ settings from/to
d&b R1 controller software
Intuitive, detailed analysis of measurement data
tl_files/afmg/base/img/icons/cart16.png Storing, exporting and offline-investigation of data
tl_files/afmg/base/img/icons/cart16.png "White-" and "Black Mode" for office/lab and live sound
Support of almost all common audio interfaces and drivers
Operation in virtual machines e.g. "Parallels", "VM-Ware" etc.

Licensing System

With all our software we offer a very flexible and generous licensing system.
All AFMG software comes with an international licensing server which provides many additional benefits to both single users as well as larger offices. The little trick which makes AFMG licenses so flexible is the so-called “User Key”, a little piece of data which is used to unlock the software you have installed on your PC.

  • Use the software alternatingly on many PCs.
  • Up- and download a User Key easily
    to activate different PCs.
  • Add additional User Keys to your license at any time.