SysTune News

FIRmaker - Put Your Sound Where It Belongs!

AFMG is excited to present a revolutionary new technology at ProLight & Sound 2013: AFMG FIRmaker will bust the limits of today’s most advanced sound systems such as line arrays and column loudspeakers.

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New Distribution Partners

During the last months the number of international distributors of AFMG expanded by the following associates.

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SysTune 1.3 goes Beta – Integration with Lake Controller 6

The first Beta of SysTune 1.3 provides seamless integration with the Lab.gruppen Lake Controller v6.

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SysTune Patents Real Time Technology

Patents in the US and Germany have been granted to AFMG for their Real Time Deconvolution technology. No other audio measurement software is able to deliver full-length impulse responses and other measurement data derived from them in real time.

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